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Soul Spheres

Nickel Alloy Soul Sphere Necklace - Nickel Plated (17mm)

Nickel Alloy Soul Sphere Necklace - Nickel Plated (17mm)

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Embrace deeper connections and lasting bonds with the Nickel Alloy Soul Sphere Necklace. We believe in the power of wearables as an extension of your true Self. This unique necklace features a 17mm Nickel Plated Soul Sphere, meticulously crafted from resilient Steel-Bronze alloy, serving as a constant reminder of your ability to transcend the confines of the body and to stay connected with your loved ones. This remarkable necklace is available with your choice of Sterling Silver Chain, allowing you to personalize your style and express your unique sentiment. 

Key Features

  • 21 Grams Theory: This pendant weighs 21 grams, aligning with the theory that the soul's weight is 21 grams, symbolizing life beyond the physical body.
  • Premium Craftsmanship: The Nickel Alloy Soul Sphere is expertly crafted from high-quality Nickel Plated Steel-Bronze, combining resilience and elegance.
  • Express Enduring Connections: Wear it to symbolize your ability to transcend the confines of the body and feel connected to loved ones, both near and beyond the veil.
  • Memorial and Celebration: These pendants are thoughtful and enduring gifts for those who've experienced loss, offering solace and connection as beautiful mourning jewelry. They also serve as unique push presents to celebrate the arrival of a new soul into the world.

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Elevate your style and express your connections with the Nickel Alloy Soul Sphere Necklace, nickel-plated to perfection. Secure yours today to cherish the profound meaning it holds.

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Care & Warranty Info

Lifetime Warranty

Every piece you purchase from Soul Spheres comes with a limited Lifetime Warranty against breakage. Please see the full details on the here

Care for Gold, Gold-Filled & Sterling Silver Chains

Our Solid Gold jewelry is 14k. It is suitable for regular wear, but following the guidelines below will help with longevity.

Gold-filled chains are more durable than gold plated as it had a thicker layer off gold that is manually applied by force to a base layer of brass. Gold plated chains - even Vermeil, which is gold applied on top of silver is far less durable as the plating is much thinner and does not withstand regular wear.

Sterling Silver is solid and is wonderful for regular wear.


With proper care and attention, your jewelry can last for years to come! Here are some things to be aware of for the longevity of your jewelry.

Keep it Clean: You can use a gentle soap and warm water to loosen any dirt and oils and dry thoroughly with a lint-free cloth. For Sterling Silver ONLY - you can use silver-specific cleaning solution sparingly on the chain only if it becomes heavily tarnished. Do not use this on the Steel Soul Spheres themselves as it will wear down the plating or cloud the polished surface on the solid Silver and Gold Spheres. You can also seek professional cleaning from a local jeweler.

Avoid Contact with Harsh Chemicals, Perfume & Lotions: These things can all tarnish silver or corrode the gold layer.

Remove Before Showering & Swimming: Because showering and swimming usually come along with using things like sunscreen and other chemicals that may be abrasive, it's best to take your jewelry off and keep it dry.

Store Properly: Use the box your pendant came in or a separate bag so it doesn't rub against other jewelry that can cause unnecessary wear and tear. Keeping it in a cool dry place is a plus!

Avoid Abrasive Materials: When cleaning, stay away from abrasive cloths or other cleaning tools.

For Gold-Filled - Rotate Your Jewelry: Although with proper care, gold-filled chains are suitable for regular wear, if you wear certain pieces of gold-filled jewelry regularly, consider rotating them with other pieces to minimize wear and tear.

For Sterling Silver - Wear it Regularly: Sterling Silver actually does best when you wear it regularly! This actually helps prevent it from tarnishing.

For 14k Gold - Wear it When You Want!: Using anything less can give it more longevity, but there are no restrictions on how often you wear your 14k gold jewelry.

If you have any questions, please reach out!