Soul Spheres make perfect Mourning Jewelry pieces to symbolize and maintain a connection with loved ones who have departed. Perfect for gifting without the need for ashes


    Celebrate the mother with a token representing the new life she is nurturing. May her Soul Sphere serve as a lasting emblem of her eternal bond with this precious new life.


    You are on a mission to honor your Self and live a happy life. Let your Soul Sphere remind you to stay on your self care journey that nourishes the part that is beyond the physical

Filled With Life

When we are reminded to live our fullest lives, we honor not only ourselves but those that came before us. My Soul Sphere reminds me everyday to keep growing into who I want to be.

Gold Alloy Soul Sphere Necklace on moss


Ari says...

"I got this necklace about two weeks ago and it’s not only super pretty, but also very elegant! I’ve also loved noticing it on me because it reminds me to center myself and breathe, it’s been very helpful for when I notice myself getting stressed or anxious! 12/10!"

Nickel Alloy Soul Sphere on moss


Diana says...

"I figured out why to me it feels like the exact weight of the soul! It's weight against gravity feels like the same amount of pressure as an 'intuitive nudge'"



Amy says...

"I love the concept of this unique piece. The weight is a gentle reminder to myself we're more than a physical body. I can't wait to snag a silver one 🧡"


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