Birth of Soul Spheres & the KeepingSpirit Blog

Birth of Soul Spheres & the KeepingSpirit Blog

As most origin stories, my journey to creating Soul Spheres and launching the KeepingSpirit blog wasn't a linear one. Punctuated by a free spiritual upbringing, a life-changing thesis project and a far-too-close-to-death experience, I'm here to share my story.

My Origin Story

I grew up with parents that were never religious, but always spiritual. In great part they left me to discover my own truths about spirit, God, self and the meaning of life. I've always been fascinated by these subjects and have had a great desire, like I know many do, to understand the "truth" behind what happens after we die (and where were we before!?).

When I've experienced loss, whether it be one of my precious pets or the truly earth rattling loss of my Grandparents as a young teen, I always felt I could sense that they weren't really gone despite it hurting so deeply. So as I grew up, I explored these concepts in many different ways...sometimes through my own internal process, and sometimes in ways that were much more open to the world.

The Birth of Soul Spheres

In my senior year of college as a BFA candidate in Fine Jewelry, I pulled on this concept - "why are we who we are?" and answered with three different options:

⭐ 1) We are souls that are also an expression of our physiology making this human experience a truly unique one - for this I made a helmet that screwed into pressure points that could affect our well being and seemily change our personalities

⭐ 2) We are who we are 100% because of our physiology - for this I created a life-size spine necklace out of bronze that was worn down the back

⭐ 3) We are who we are 100% because of our soul - for this I created Soul Spheres that each weighed 21 grams based off of the research of Dr. Duncan MacDougall

While from my own perspective I believe we are likely who we are as a result of a combination of some "spirit" and the physiology of our bodies, it was the Soul Spheres that really resonated with people. Although MacDougalls research was not necessarily sound, the concept of being able to connect with the weight of the soul - something truly physical beyond our bodies - was really touching to so many, myself included.

When Life Gets In the Way

As I left college, I grew my jewelry line for a few years but ultimately dropped it as life got busy and I pursued other things. I intended to come back to it all, but 10 years flies by fast!

Although I wasn't actively pursuing the thought of soul versus physiology during that time, I was on a long journey of self-care discovery and coming into my own during my 20s. I discovered many amazing tools and learned so much from some great teachers - some of these things include EFT, hypnosis, truths about anxiety etc.

Unconscious for 24 Hours

Then two years ago, I almost died from an acute case of Hyponatremia. It was incredibly scary experience for my family and for me, although I was in a coma for most of it and luckily don't remember the main part of the trauma. What I do remember though is that I don't recall anything from the coma. And that terrified me.

Rebirth of Soul Sphere and the Birth of KeepingSpirit

The experience has peeled a whole new layer away for me to explore - a refocusing on the existence of "life" after death by restarting my jewelry line with the Soul Spheres, but most importantly, focusing on how to make the most of the beautiful opportunities in front of us in this current life! 💫

So, that's what brought me to also establishing the KeepingSpirit blog/podcast/community alongside Soul Spheres - to connect & share on everything I've learned, and to learn from others invested in our well-being and Keeping a Spirited perspective to life!

I hope you'll join me by signing up below and introduce yourself! ❤️

Building Self Image
Moving Through Anxiety 
Talking More About Death and Dying 
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Absolutely amazing! boxes are gorgeous! You did everything so beautifully!
Soul Spheres replied:
Thank you SO much! Your words of encouragement are really appreciated! :D

Gena Demalavez

Th is sounds amazing.. I am very interested in reading & learning more..

PS..not ot be a cranky old lady, but therr are a few grammatical typos in the begining of your website post.. Just Thot you should know so you can fix it. I’m.sure it was just an over site..
Just tryn to be helpful… Not a criticism. Namaste…
Just saw the note about comments needing approval.befote posting.. Please to edit this part out..
Soul Spheres replied:
Hey Diane, thank you so much for being here, reading and also calling out some of the grammatical issues! Are they in this particular post? I tried to read it over and didn’t catch any (but am notably horrible at proof-reading my own stuff lol) If you feel like letting me know more specifically feel free to email me at Looking forward to hearing more from you as you read other posts!

Diane Quartel

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