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Beauty in Simplicity

Though the necklace itself has a simple look, it's beauty is the quality of the necklace and what it represents. When I wear the necklace, it reminds me of the souls of those that have passed and knowing that they are always near.

FULLY OBSESSED I’ve been converted to silver

I got my pure sterling silver in the mail and OMG. As a gold girl i am SHOCKED at how stunning this necklace is. I wore it to my boyfriend’s parents house and to his music show and got so many compliments. I’m fully converted to silver but also curious about the gold now lol

Lovely necklace

I received the solid gold soul sphere necklace as a gift from my husband. I love it! It looks very elegant and I have received many compliments in the short time I’ve had it. The weight and smoothness soothe me as well as help me feel connected to my mom, who we lost last year.

Absolutely stunning!

I can't even describe just how wonderful this Soul Sphere necklace is! It arrived quickly, and was beautifully packaged. I gave it as a special gift to a loved one who was having a difficult time, and needed a reminder to breathe and stay positive. I look forward to purchasing one for myself!

Great quality and great message

I love the message and mission behind these necklaces, and the quality is GREAT!


I got this necklace about two weeks ago and it’s not only super pretty, but also very elegant! I’ve also loved noticing it on me because it reminds me to center myself and breathe, it’s been very helpful for when I notice myself getting stressed or anxious! 12/10!


This necklace is my go to staple piece for every single outfit, I always wear it with a second chain and get so many compliments about it. Even better, I get to tell the story of 21 grams to every stranger who stops to take a look. Whether it’s walking down the street, or a more intimate setting with friends and family someone always takes a second to ask about my necklace…at this point it’s my favorite conversation piece! This necklace is one of a kind and beautiful, I truly cannot explain it and the love I have for it and its story. I recommend this necklace to anyone who loves both simple and unique designs pieces when it comes to their jewelry collection…I cannot wait to gift this necklace for the special people in my life as a reminder to them that they are beyond the physical! 11/10

I love mine !

I love the concept of this unique piece . The weight is a gentle reminder to myself we’re more than a physical body . I can’t wait to snag a silver one ❤️