Manifestation Examples: Expert Tips for Attraction

Manifestation Examples: Expert Tips for Attraction

When I first encountered Hallie Avolio, a spirited and dynamic manifestation coach who champions the journey to a 'Fuck Yes' life, it felt like a moment of proper alignment. Hallie's approach to manifestation resonated with my journey of self-discovery and personal growth. Still, she clearly had a stronger hold of these concepts than I've been able to maintain over the years. Her perspective on crafting a quality of life filled with positive energy, dream jobs, and good things (not just extravagant things) was refreshing and enlightening. 

My whole intention around the KeepingSpirit blog is to share things that help people connect more deeply with Self, that soul piece of who we are, and how our connections endure beyond the physical. So, sharing how Hallie approaches manifestation, along with some examples of manifestation and signs from the Universe "in the wild," brings me great joy.

What to Expect on Our Journey Together

Our conversation unfolded like a roadmap, illuminating the manifestation process that provides the route to a dream life where every aspect, be it professional success, personal relationships, or mental health, is enriched with positive thoughts, energy, and perhaps even a little magic. Her insights into transforming negative talk into positive manifestation affirmations, overcoming limiting beliefs, and creating a life of intention and joy felt extremely grounded and attainable

In this blog, I intend to share the essence of our conversation, which traverses the realms of both the practical and more esoteric aspects of manifestation. Through Hallie's unique perspective on connecting deeply with oneself and others, aligning with your true purpose, we'll get closer to understanding the art of turning dreams into reality. We'll do this in part through exploring her three-pillar system that serves as a foundation for living a 'Fuck Yes' life, each pillar representing a vital aspect of our existence - our relationship with ourselves, with others, and with our resources, be it money or time. 

The journey with Hallie is more than just an exploration of manifestation techniques; it's a voyage into the heart of what it means to live a life that aligns with one's deepest desires and highest aspirations. Through this blog, I invite you to discover how to manifest not just material wealth or fleeting successes but a life that resonates with joy, purpose, and fulfillment at every level. Join me as we unravel the secrets to crafting your best life, guided by Hallie Avolio's guidance as a powerful manifestor herself.

Manifestation For Beginners: What, Where and Why

What is the Process of Manifestation and What Does it do?

The definition of manifestation according to Hallie is the "energy of creation." It involves setting clear intentions, visualizing your desires, and taking inspired action towards achieving them. It works by aligning your thoughts, emotions, and actions with what you want to manifest, thereby attracting the desired outcome into your life.

In discussing her unique perspective on manifestation, it became evident that her approach was deeply rooted in the principle that manifestation is not simply about attracting material gains but rather about creating a life that resonates with joy and fulfillment on every level. "Your 'Fuck Yes' living a life that feels fulfilled in all facets of life, personally, professionally, from a financial perspective, from a time perspective, from a relationship perspective... it's about living a life that when you wake up in the morning, regardless of the circumstances, regardless of if you're sick as a dog or you're having the best day ever, you say, fuck yes, this is my life," Hallie explained. 

Hallie's Unique Perspective on Manifestation: It's not about the Mercedes

This holistic view of manifestation extends beyond mere possessions or status; it's about shaping a life that genuinely feels right and fulfilling, regardless of external circumstances. It's an ongoing journey of realignment and connection, and it's not just about an end goal. This insight offered a fresh perspective on manifestation as a dynamic process, not just a one-time event, which is part of what felt so grounded to me.

Hallie also teaches that we need to tap into and surrender more to our intuitive senses and embodied practices, which are often overlooked or undervalued in our daily hustle if we really want to be successful manifestors. 

Manifestation: More Than Just Intermittent Positive Thinking

Manifestation requires much more than intermittent positive thinking, but that doesn't mean it has to be hard work. Truly, the Law of Attraction can only be met by taking small steps to overcome limiting beliefs, which can help us make great strides toward a more positive mindset.

One of the big ways you can effectively change the way you think is through regular positive affirmations. Hallie shares, "A lot of neuroscience supports the benefit of using affirmations. Affirmations are a huge part of how I do my work with manifestation because I know that if you can use affirmations effectively, meaning that you truly embody them, you truly believe them, then you reprogram your neural pathways to see your life through a different lens."

The Pillars of a 'Fuck Yes' Life

Hallie has her own framework for manifestation which she calls The Three Pillars. These pillars are the cornerstone of not just achieving what we desire but also leading a life that's deeply fulfilling and resonant with our true selves. These pillars work in harmony, creating a foundation for manifesting a life that genuinely says 'Fuck Yes' in every aspect. This framework isn't just a method; it's a transformative journey that intertwines our innermost desires, our connections with others, and our perceptions of the world around us. 

Pillar One: Your Relationship With Self

Hallie stresses the critical nature of the first pillar, Relationship With Self, explaining, "Manifestation... is the energy of creation. It is the energy of being an energetic match for your desires. It's identifying who you are, what you want, and what your purpose is." This deep dive into self-awareness is not just about knowing oneself on the surface but engaging in a profound exploration of our innermost desires, goals, and purposes.

This pillar is the bedrock, the essential first step of manifestation. It's where the journey begins and continually returns to. By understanding and aligning with our true selves, we set the stage for authentic manifestation. Because, again, it's about more than just a positive outlook or vision boards; it's an intimate dance with our innermost being, discovering what truly makes us want to get up day after day and meet the world with excitement. This relationship with Self demands honesty, vulnerability, and courage, as it involves delving into our subconscious mind, challenging our limiting beliefs, and embracing our unique path.

Pillar Two: Your Relationships With Others

Whether it's family members, a soul mate, or colleagues at a new job, Pillar Two is about forging connections that add value and bring joy to our lives. The intricate dynamics of our relationships with others profoundly impact our journey toward manifesting a life that genuinely resonates with us. Hallie explains, "If you don't have a solid relationship with other people in your life, how are you able to share your own energy out into the world?"

This aspect of manifestation is about how healing relationships from our past (even if it's just spiritual healing within) and actively choosing who we let into our personal space affects our manifestation journey.

Pillar Three: Your Relationship with Money and Time

The crucial relationship with money and time is the Third Pillar. This pillar is about much more than financial abundance or effective time management; it's a deeper understanding and connection with these essential aspects of life. Hallie explained, "If you don't have a deep understanding of your relationship with money and time, how are you able to be abundant and attract more into your life? It's just not possible."

Hallie emphasized that our perspectives and beliefs about money and time significantly influence our ability to manifest. She noted the importance of exploring and transforming our money story—how we view wealth, its role in our lives, and our sense of worthiness to receive it. Similarly, our perception of time, whether we see it as a limiting factor or a generous resource, plays a pivotal role in our journey. 

Manifesting in Daily Life: Prosperity through Visualization, Affirmation, Journaling, & Gratitude

As you've seen so far, Hallie's practices are rooted in the belief that small, consistent actions can lead to significant changes - and that affirmations are a big part of this progression. While trying to figure out my own favorite manifestation methods, I've implemented a manifestation journal where I can keep a daily gratitude list which is a great way to keep you focused on what is working in your life. In the past, I've also had a vision board to interact with on a daily basis and have even created a Mind Movie, which is essentially a "vision video" that incorporates moving music to help you get in a flowing emotional state that aligns with your desires. I've absolutely found it to be a powerful tool.

As Hallie highlighted, the importance of staying connected to the emotions associated with our desires. "Your job is to keep staying connected to the emotion that you feel when you think about manifesting the thing that you're manifesting," she explained. This practice involves not just thinking about what we want but also immersing ourselves in the feelings those achievements would bring. 

Esoteric Elements: Manifest Through Surrender

In our conversation, we touched on the magic that often gets dismissed in our logic-driven world. She beautifully described how our minds, so attuned to certainty and logic, often reject the notion of magic in manifestation. Hallie expressed, "We build up this story that when there's a situation that feels quote-unquote too good to be true, it must be too good to be true...Our brains are so wired for logic and for certainty that when things are uncertain and when things show up in this magical way, somehow we've been told this narrative that magic is bad, that magic is fictitious, that it doesn't exist, that we must be crazy." 

But, she suggested, what if we embraced these magical moments as signs from the universe, honoring them as affirmations of our alignment with our deepest desires?

​Manifestation Examples To Propel You On Your Journey

Being able to understand the principles of manifestation sets you in the right direction, but I believe that sharing examples of how others have manifested things in their lives is the best way to illustrate the reality of possibilities. Being able to see that manifestation and signs from the universe aren't just ideas, but things that happen in real life can help you keep an open mind.

There's manifestation examples in the podcast episode than I could encapsulate here, so I highly suggest you take a listen to that as well!

​Mind Movie: Scripting From Screen To Reality

As I mentioned earlier, I've found Mind Movies, or "vision videos," to be extremely powerful tools. I created one about five years ago that included being able to work from home, making a lot of money, being able to have more time at home with my pets, being a successful entrepreneur, being able to put my time and resources into things that help the world, and feeling deeply in love and connected with my husband. At the time, I was dealing with a ton of anxiety that was making it very difficult for me and putting strain on our relationship, which felt hard to surmount at times. I was also working as a nanny with a family I loved, but it just covered expenses, and I was gone all day.

I watched the 3-minute video I made for myself religiously and listened to the song "Bridges" by Broods I had with the movie whenever I was in the car. I love the part of the lyrics that repeats, "We're burning all the bridges now," as it made me think of burning all the bridges to anything not serving me any longer. What's so cool about this particular tool is that when you listen to just the song, it can help you evoke all of the images and associated emotions from the video, which we understand from Hallie is so important! 

After about three months, things started shifting, and I got away from being as consistent with watching the video. However, a year later, I stumbled upon it on my phone while looking through pictures, re-watched it, and realized I had manifested being able to work from home while making 4x as much as I had been making as a nanny. Working from home also allowed me to have a lot more time to be with my animals and husband, and my relationship had since shifted in a very positive way that fostered a deeper connection between the two of us. 

Not only that but sitting here watching it again, I see that I've also accomplished becoming a successful entrepreneur and being able to put my time and effort into things that serve the world around me. Perhaps I haven't hit all of my entrepreneurial goals yet, but if you're reading this right now, I'm doing something right and hopefully spreading something good your way, too!

The Bridge, The Rose, and The Owl

Hallie shared about a powerful meditation where she was deeply connecting to feelings of abundance as part of her manifestation practice and "saw" in her mind the Golden Gate Bridge, a blue rose, and an owl. They felt like poignant images but didn't make any particular sense to her at the time. 

Later, while scrolling on TikTok, a platform she rarely uses for browsing, she stumbled upon a video of a couple dancing in front of the Golden Gate Bridge. This unexpected sighting of the bridge, which she had just visualized in her meditation, was the first sign that her manifestations were aligning with reality, but it seemed it could be just a coincidence at this point.

Later that same day, while watching an animated movie with her family, Hallie encountered the second image from her meditation - a blue rose appeared in a dream sequence on the screen. Then, later still, as Hallie was winding down for the night, she sat with her husband, who was browsing through social media, and a video caught her attention. As it zoomed in, it showed people rescuing an owl that had been found on the ground.

The confluence of these images from her inner mind to her outer world helped mirror to her just how connected these things truly are.

The Bracelet and the Butterfly

During our conversation, I shared a story that happened this past summer during a vacation with some close family friends, which became a living example of childlike faith and the magic of manifestation.

The story began with a simple yet cherished item - a hair tie that came with a pair of socks. My husband, seeing an opportunity to delight the five-year-old girl who was with us, gave it to her as a bracelet. She was thrilled with this small gift and treasured it. However, during an adventurous day of tubing, she lost the bracelet. Understandably upset, I comforted her with a thought that perhaps it was now a gift for the fairies. This idea calmed her, turning her loss into a whimsical possibility.

In a twist that none of us could have anticipated, upon returning home, the bracelet was mysteriously lying on a table inside the house, despite all of us having witnessed its loss earlier. This unexpected turn of events left us all in awe.

This was just the most notable thing that happened, but that trip was filled with other seemingly magical events with this young one. Just for one extra example, we were out and about, and she said, "I love Monarch butterflies!" and within seconds, one flew right over her head!

Coins of Abundance

From Hallie, "I think that coins on the ground are one of my signs from the universe that I'm on the right path because there have been many times when I have not seen coins for days and days and days. And then, when I need it the most, a coin will appear on the ground. And I often find coins on the ground when I'm with my kids, which I think is really wonderful because I would say that my kids are three of [the] greatest things I've ever manifested in my life."

Hallie continued, "Stop thinking that magic is some awful thing, or some kids play... we can really allow for our own expansion to say when I'm vibrating at the highest level of my truth, then I'm an open vessel to receive. And whether it's something simple like a coin on the ground or maybe I get a friend waving to me from a window and I needed to see that person in that moment, the magic is there."

Hallie Avolio wearing her soul sphere necklace

Hallie in her Gold Alloy Soul Sphere necklace <3

Conclusion: Embarking on Your Own 'Fuck Yes' Journey

As our talk came to a close, and I was left on a high from her manifestation examples, I was left feeling empowered and inspired. Hallie's wisdom, combined with her practical manifestation methods, offers a powerful framework for anyone looking to transform their life.

Hallie's parting words reminded us to embrace our manifestation journey with openness and gratitude. Whether it's pursuing a loving relationship, starting our own business, or simply finding joy in the small things, her teachings offer a guide to a life where we can confidently say, 'Fuck yes, this is my life.'

Reflecting on this enriching conversation, I am reminded of the endless possibilities that await us. With a clear idea, an open heart, and a commitment to our growth, we can all embark on a manifestation journey leading to our best life.

Connect with Hallie @sassyhealthyfit or online at for an opportunity to more deeply explore her manifestation principals. You can join her Weekly affirmations list by clicking here

BOUNS Manifestation Journal Prompts: Your Dream Job

Manifestation is indeed a practice, and like anything, it takes effort and constant reminders to help you integrate your practices as regular parts of life. One of the reasons that my Soul Sphere (my pendant that weighs 21 grams to represent the weight of the soul) is so precious to me is that it acts as my constant reminder to get out of my comfort zone in the name of prosperity and being good to my Self; that includes doing the things I know I need and want to do to create the kind of "Fuck Yes" life Hallie is talking about.

So when you next remember to set some time aside for your manifestation practice, I've got a final leave behind from Hallie. When it comes to manifestation, it's not really enough just to know what it is you're aiming for; you have to get clearer on the complete visualization of all the elements of that desired outcome. In the case of attracting a dream job, try journaling around these questions to help you get clear on the specific goals surrounding your desire. See what additional clarity comes up for you in your vision that can help you get clearer about the emotions associated as well. Can't wait to hear more manifestation examples from the future you!

Questions to ask your Self:

What does that bring to you when you have that job?

How do you feel when you go to that job?

What do you dress like when you get ready in the morning and go to that job? 

Are you working from home? 

Are you working in an office?

Who are the type of people that you're spending time with? 

What kind of energy do you experience throughout your day when doing the tasks you need to do? 

How are you connecting with your creative processes?

How are you creating wealth in your life? 

Is this job bringing you financial freedom, helping you pay off debt, helping you create more abundance? 

Does it allow you freedom of time to be flexible in your schedule?

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My manifestation story: got jobs, always worked, and found ways to get inspired. Like Desiderata said “keep interested in your career, however humble; it is a real possession in the changing fortunes of time.” I agree with Hallie about the pillars. The 1st and 2nd are lifelong pursuits, right? I highly recommend “Through the Dark Wood: Finding Meaning in the Second Half of Life” by James Hollis. We repeat patterns learned from early on that are often anti-manifesting, anti-prettymucheverything. He says we don’t wake up saying, I’m going to do the same stupid things today that I’ve always done, but then we end up doing them. And since what is unconscious comes at us from outside as fate, good to see what’s driving the habitual tendencies (which he says are anxiety management systems) to stop the I got the audio of this from the library.
Soul Spheres replied:
Hi Sally! 💖 I love this, it rings so true! I’m going to get that book! The career comment is interesting to me too, it’s something I struggle with at times. Thinking I should do something more aligned with my heart’s desires. But alas that’s why I’m building all this :) we shall see how it evolves!


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